Photo by Luis O.

Photo by Luis O.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do I need to be in MS Tax or MBA Tax to join the Tax Society?
A: No, we welcome all people that have an interest to learn more about the tax field, no matter your major and your degree. 

Q: What are some of the benefits of joining the Tax Society?
A: Every semester we invite representatives from different public accounting firms to host information sessions so students will learn more about them. It is a great place to network with those professionals before On Campus Recruiting (OCR). Check out our Mission Statement and our What We Do section.

Q: Great. How do I join?
A: You can join by going to one of our sponsored/co-sponsored events and sign up with any of the club officers, or by filling out this form.

Q: Are there any fees?
A: Nope, no fees. Just benefits, from us to you.

Q: When do you hold events?
A: We host and sponsor events throughout the school year. No events during the Summer, but don't worry, we are hard at work during the Summer to prepare the Fall events for you. You can check out our past and upcoming events here or be notified throughout the year by becoming a member or becoming a volunteer to receive our weekly emails.

Q: Can we meet with you guys in person?
A: Sure. Come to one of our Events, fill out our contact form, or send an email to with your request.

Q: Who should I contact if I am interested in becoming a volunteer for the club?
A: Send an email to, fill out our contact form, or speak with one of our Officers during an event or club meeting.

Q: How can I become involved as an officer in ZGTS?
A: Available positions vary from semester to semester. However, emails are sent out to all members towards the end of each semester with the openings listed and the duties involved. Those who are interested are encouraged to nominate themselves or someone else. Elections are held at the beginning of every semester, please refer to the president of the club for our next availabilities.