Executive Board


Andi (Yuanyuan) Cui, President



Harry (Haiyi) Wen, Executive Vice President 

Harry(Haiyi) Wen is from China. It's his second semester in Baruch College. Members and events of ZGTS gave him a lot of help in his first semester. He is always appreciative about it and has decided to contribute more for this club in this semester.


Patrick Nowak, Treasurer

Patrick is a Hunter College graduate and is doing his Masters in Taxation. He was part of the Hunter College Accounting Society while at Hunter, so his experience and contribution will only benefit the Tax Society.


Shiqin Chu, Secretary

Shiqi is a MS in Taxation candidate at Baruch College. She received BBA in Accounting from Baruch with minoring in Communication Studies and Japanese. Prior to her graduate program, she had full-time experience in both Accounting and Financial Planning & Analysis. Shiqi would love to take the role in Zicklin Graduate Tax Society as an opportunity to give back to the Baruch community. As an ESFJ type, she loves to connect with people and to do her best helping others. She is also an amateurish pianist, a foodie and a fan of "White Collar". 


Angela Li, AVP of Secretary

Angela is pursuing a MS degree in Accountancy and is expecting to graduate in May 2018. After she earned her BBA degree in Accounting in Baruch College, she has passed BEC section and plans to complete all parts by August 2018.  She worked in two CPA firms, but she switched her job to being a Chinese tutor and professor assistant in Hunter College Chinese Flagship Program. As an AVP of Secretary in ZGTS, she hopes to contribute her academic knowledge in accounting field, her communication, class material management as well as school-activity design skills to ZGTS society and engage in coordinating with other board members. In her free time, she likes to travel and jog in the morning.


Hien Nguyen, VP of Event Planning 

Hien is currently pursuing Master's Degree in Taxation at Baruch College. In May 2015, she graduated Cum Laude from Villanova University double majoring in Accounting and Finance. After that, Hien worked at EY Philadelphia office for a year as a Diversified Tax Staff. During this time, she also managed to pass all four sections of the CPA exam and will be eligible for the CPA license after graduating from Baruch College. By participating in ZGTS as AVP of Communication, she hopes to meet other motivated friends, to develop herself personally and professionally and to fully experience college again. Other than running around the city like crazy, Hien loves to cook and to enjoy nothing day.

John Z.jpg

John (Zongyu) Zhang, AVP of Event Planning 

John is currently pursuing an MS Degree in Taxation at Baruch College while working at a CPA firm. He also enjoys giving back to the New York community through volunteer activities. One of the activities is the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, where he participated by helping low income clients file tax returns.


Hyo-joon (Joon) Kim, VP of Communications

Joon is currently studying accounting for his master’s degree here at Baruch College. Before coming to New York City, he earned his BA in Economics degree from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His career goal is to become a successful accounting professional at a public accounting firm and he believes his experience in ZGTS will be an important asset for a successful professional career. He likes going for a walk in the city, listening to music during his free time. Feel free to reach out to him via Linkedin!


Xiaoming Wu, AVP of Communications

Xiaoming is currently an undergraduate student of Zicklin and pursuing a bachelor degree of accounting. She is interested in taxation and considered to pursue a master degree of taxation. She is joining Ztax with the expectation to increase her knowledge of taxation and the professional career.


Suhasini Gavarshetty, VP of Digital Marketing

Su is currently pursuing master’s degree in Digital Marketing at Baruch. She worked previously in IBM, India and Lenovo, Dubai, before moving to New York. She is passionate about marketing and creativity and aims to leverage her marketing experience and add value and grow any organization, she works for. She loves to travel, dance, read, scuba dive, skateboard, being an advocate for nature and animal conservation and always keep trying new things. She would love to have a conversation with you regarding the club or marketing, you can reach her through LinkedIn.


Ying Wu, VP of Research

Ying Wu is pursuing her master's degree in Accounting from Fall 2016. She previously earned degrees in Finance and processed internal compliance data analysis in the largest property and casualty insurance company in China for five years, and is currently working part-time in the city. Upon graduation, she hopes to merge her diverse background with a strong interest and knowledge-base in Accounting to begin her career as a CPA. She is an avid fan of street fashion, exploring marathon running, and attending orchestra and ballet performances.  

Xiaojia Liu.JPG

Katie(Xiaojia) Liu, AVP of Research

Xiaojia Liu’s nickname is Katie. She came to the US when she was 16 and went to Saint Mary's College which is a women's liberal arts college at 2012. Last year she came to NYC to pursue her MSA degree, and her expected graduation date is at May 2018. She decided to apply for ZGTS due to my interest and past experiences in tax. She loves painting and running, and the city really inspires her! 


Summer (Shan) Lu, VP of Finance

Summer is a second year MS in Accountancy candidate at Baruch College and aims to be a tax professional in a public accounting firm. She gained her bachelor's degree in Economics at Xiamen University in southeastern China and joined Baruch in fall 2015. In addition to pursuing her CPA certification, Summer is also currently a College Assistant for the Ph.D. Economics program at CUNY Graduate Center. She loves travelling and taking photographs in her casual time. She enjoys every moment with New York City.


Wayne (Siwei) Chen, VP of Marketing

Wayne is currently pursuing his MS in Taxation degree at Baruch College after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He completed all four parts of the CPA exam in 2017. He has work experience with federal income tax and internal accounting. After working as a tax preparer, he decided to pursue a career in tax and work for a public accounting firm. As a ZGTS member, he hopes to develop his soft skills and network with professionals. His favorite sport is soccer, and his favorite club is Real Madrid.

Susan Chen.JPG

Susan(Suting) Chen, AVP of Marketing

This is Susan’s second semester at Baruch College pursing Master of Taxation degree. Currently, she is interning at BDO USA, LLP for its Core Tax Services. She likes reading, cooking and painting. Whenever she has time, she loves to find good restaurants in New York City with her friends. 

Vicky Dong.jpg

Vicky(Wanxing) Dong, VP of IT

Vicky has completed her BBA at Baruch College in 2016. She is currently pursuing her master of Taxation at Baruch College. She plans to pass CPA exams in 2017. She is eager to learn more about new tax topics and share with others. She is also an enthusiastic person who likes to help others in need. During her leisure time, she likes hiking, photography, traveling and swimming. Sometimes, she watches TV or movies instead of these outdoor activities. She is also a super fan of desserts. She likes to make desserts if she has time.


Hedy (Xin) Chen, VP of Social Events 

Hedy graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with BS in Accounting & Finance and BA in Mathematics in August 2014. She completed all four parts of the CPA exam (May 2015). After work on various tax returns and tax audit cases, Hedy realized that building a strong technical foundation would be key to her future success. Therefore, she is pursuing her MS degree in Taxation at Baruch College. Hedy enjoys working with members in Zicklin Graduate Tax Society at Baruch College and always wants to bring her passion to the group. She believes taking a leadership role at school significantly broaden her views and her professional connections. Hedy is a big fan of Chinese Calligraphy, traveling, watching TV, and of course, tax.


Farhana Shabnam, VP of Membership

Farhana is currently a junior at Baruch College majoring in accounting. She loves to travel and read novels. Her favorite sport is badminton. She has volunteered 1,300 hours while in high school. Favorite quote: "Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently." --Maya Angelou 


Ivy (Jiaxin) Lv, VP of Alumni

Ivy (Jiaxin) Lv is currently pursuing her MS in Accountancy degree at Baruch College. Before move to New York, Ivy earned Master of Finance degree from University of Maryland and Bachelor of Business Administration degree from University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. Ivy wants to become a CPA and start her career in public accounting firm as a client serving professional. By joining ZGTS, Ivy looks forward to meet people with similar career goals and to network with other students, faculty and professionals. Ivy likes to play piano, hang out with friends and travel during her free time.

Lu Xu.jpg

Lu(Stella) Xu, Committee Member

Lu Xu began pursuing a MS degree in Accountancy from fall 2016. She previously earned her Bachelor’s degree also in Accounting from Jinan University. Before coming to Baruch, she worked in an entertainment technology company for 1 year as an Accountant Assistant. 
ZGTS is a community of talented individuals and being a part of such a group is an enriching experience. It is an excellent platform to network with professionals and peers and at the same time showcase skills and talents. She embraces challenges and changes. And during her free time, she likes cooking and traveling.


Gregory Tsai, Committee Member

Greg is in his first semester for the MS in Taxation, with hopes of obtaining both his degree and CPA by May 2018.  He was originally from Binghamton University, during half of his undergraduate career before transferring to Baruch for his BBA in Accounting.  He has working experience in the tax profession as a tax administrator during his times interning for small to midsize firms in NYC.  For extracurricular activities, he was a part of the Professional Committee for Baruch Ascend.  He enjoys utilizing his resources to give back and help others achieve the necessary skills and techniques that are wanted today.  Outside of his career, he engages in various sports such as basketball, soccer, and mixed martial arts.


Juliet(Mengye) Yi, Committee Member

Juliet is currently enrolled in MS in taxation at Baruch College. Besides studying full-time, she is also interning with a CPA firm. Prior to joining Baruch College, she earned her MS degree in Accounting from Pace University, and then worked as an accountant. During her work, numerous interactions with tax specialists, with combination of her experience at VITA and internship at Bank of America, led her to realize the value of a tax specialist. It’s her honor to be part of Zicklin Graduate Tax Society. She believes it’s a society dedicated to connect everyone together and prepare to thrive as tax professionals. She is looking forward to collaborating with peer members to serve the community and grow together. During her free time, she enjoys music, movies with friends, and trying out new cuisines.