Executive Board


Katie (Xiaojia) Liu, President

Katie came to the US when she was 16 and went to Saint Mary's College which is a women's liberal arts college at 2012. Last year she came to NYC to pursue her MSA degree, and her expected graduation date is at May 2018. She decided to apply for ZTAX due to her interest and past experiences in tax. She loves painting and running, and the city really inspires her! 



Ying Wu, Executive Vice President

Ying is pursuing her master's degree in Accounting from Fall 2016. She previously earned degrees in Finance and processed internal compliance data analysis in the largest property and casualty insurance company in China for five years, and is currently working part-time in the city. Upon graduation, she hopes to merge her diverse background with a strong interest and knowledge-base in Accounting to begin her career as a CPA. She is an avid fan of street fashion, exploring marathon running, and attending orchestra and ballet performances.  


Summer (Shan) Lu, Treasurer

Summer is a second year MS in Accountancy candidate at Baruch College and aims to be a tax professional in a public accounting firm. She gained her bachelor's degree in Economics at Xiamen University in southeastern China and joined Baruch in fall 2015. In addition to pursuing her CPA certification, Summer is also currently a College Assistant for the Ph.D. Economics program at CUNY Graduate Center. She loves traveling and taking photographs in her casual time. She enjoys every moment with New York City.


Sirui (Rikky) Liu, Secretary

Sirui is currently involving in the MSA program. She joins the family of ZTAX and enjoys the friendly environments. She is a big fan of running and seeking for chance to do a marathon in NYC. 

Qing Wang.jpg

Qing Wang, Assistant Secretary

Qing is currently pursuing a MS degree in Accountancy and it’s her second semester at Baruch College. She decided to join ZTAX after she volunteered at VITA sites, hoping to interact with ZTAX members and learn more about what’s going on in the tax world. When not studying, she loves exploring the city.  Prepare for the unprepared.


Hao Dong, VP of Finance

Hao is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Accountancy. He graduated with BBA in Finance at Baruch College. He is studying for his CPA exam and wish to pass all four parts next year. He enjoys playing basketball, ping pong, and pool. He worked as a staff accountant in a CPA firm where he gained exposure to the tax field. He joined ZTAX to help Baruch students learn more about the career paths in taxation and accounting. 


Jingyuan (Heather) Li, VP of Event Planning

Heather is currently a first-year MSA student at Baruch College. Her interest in tax stems from an overseas internship program she participated in while she was still a senior in China. US taxation is a fresh and interesting topic for her. She hopes to interact with ZTAX members and gain more exposure to the tax profession while contributing to the club. Heather’s favorite sport is badminton. She likes to watch volleyball games but she doesn’t play. She is interested in photography and is now working on it.

Yichen Yue.jpg

Yichen Yue, AVP of Event Planning

Yichen Yue came to this country from China at 20. In May, she graduated magna cum laude from Fordham University with a degree in Public Accounting. She is currently pursuing her Master Degree in Taxation, but has warmed up to audit of late. She is unapologetically an accounting geek and tends to cite code sections during casual discussions about tax issues. Though not too keen on American cuisine, she appreciates the variety of food that New York City has to offer. She has strong work ethic, warm personality, and easygoing demeanor. She absolutely loves dogs and plans to rescue one within a year. Most fundamental to her character are her love for learning, open mindedness, and bubbly nature.

Qingqing Lin - Photo.jpeg

Qingqing Lin, VP of Marketing

Qingqing is currently enrolled in the Intensive Program, and she will start her master in Spring 2018. She got her Associate in Business from Bellevue College in Washington State. She decided to join ZTAX after doing VITA, hoping to get more exposures from taxation side. When she is not glued on the computer screen, she would like to explore the city and do street photo shootings.

Yuan Yuan Cheng.jpg

Yuan Yuan Cheng, VP of Social Events

Yuan Yuan graduated from Baruch in Accounting and is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Information System. She plans to pass the CPA exam before the graduation in next year 2019. She really loves movies, cooking, and black and white film photography. She also have a very cute bichon.



Hyo-joon (Joon) Kim, VP of Communications

Joon is currently studying accounting for his master’s degree here at Baruch College. Before coming to New York City, he earned his BA in Economics degree from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His career goal is to become a successful accounting professional at a public accounting firm and he believes his experience in ZTAX will be an important asset for a successful professional career. He likes going for a walk in the city, listening to music during his free time. Feel free to reach out to him via Linkedin!

Benjamin Hanbury-Aggs.png

Benjamin Hanbury-Aggs, AVP of Communications

Ben Hanbury-Aggs is currently enrolled at Baruch College pursuing his Master's in Taxation whilst working as an Account Manager at Sotheby's in their Trusts, Estates & Valuations Department. Ben graduated magna cum laude from Dickinson College where he double majored in Archaeology and Africana Studies. Ben, a British citizen, enjoys traveling having lived, studied, and vacationed in over 30 countries across 5 continents. Ben is delighted to be teaming up with such a globally-minded and diverse student club.

Xiaochun Huang.jpg

Xiaochun (Sue) Huang, VP of Research

Sue came to Baruch College all the way from Columbus, Ohio to pursue her Master’s degree in Taxation and has accomplished quite a few milestones during her time here in New York. After graduating Magna cum laude from the Ohio State University with BSBA in Accounting and Finance, Sue worked at EY’s FSO Tax WAM group in New York City for a year and a half. Believing that education is key factor for women looking to achieve greater financial stability and further professional development, Sue started Baruch’s prestigious MST program in Spring 2018—in her words, she “just felt a vibe!”. Outside of her professional life, Sue loves hiking, camping, and going to Broadway shows. The Book of Mormon is the love of her life, and she can do all the songs from this great musical!

Yingfang He.jpeg

Yingfan He, AVP of Research

Yingfang is currently a graduating senior at the undergraduate level of Baruch College. She plans to continue her study at MST program for master’s degree. She enjoys the process of thinking strategically, analytically, and conceptually with creativity, that’s why she chooses taxation. Her expected date of graduation is May 2019.


Kris J. Thiessen.JPG

Kris Thiessen, Editor

Kris is currently enrolled in the graduate accounting and tax program at Baruch College.  He has 20 years of financial services experience and seven years of tax experience, including compliance, planning and controversy.  Kris began his career at Goldman Sachs, where he helped build a new proprietary investment effort, and founded investment advisory consultancy Helix Management.  He has earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst, Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst and Enrolled Agent designations.  Kris earned his Bachelor’s degree in economics cum laude from Harvard University and his Certificate in Income Tax Planning and Reporting from New York University.  Prior to his business life, he was a principal investigator for experiments on two Space Shuttle missions.


Ricky Chan, VP of IT

Ricky Chan graduated with a BBA in Finance. And he is currently in his 2nd year in the MS of Accountancy program. He enjoys playing handball, tennis, pool, working out, watching movies, keeping up to date with technology, traveling, and photography.

Lu Xu.jpg

Lu (Stella) Xu, VP of Alumni

Lu began pursuing a MS degree in Accountancy from fall 2016. She previously earned her Bachelor’s degree also in Accounting from Jinan University. Before coming to Baruch, she worked in an entertainment technology company for 1 year as an Accountant Assistant. ZTAX is a community of talented individuals and being a part of such a group is an enriching experience. It is an excellent platform to network with professionals and peers and at the same time showcase skills and talents. She embraces challenges and changes. And during her free time, she likes cooking and traveling.


Gregory Tsai, VP of Digital Marketing

Greg is in his first semester for the MS in Taxation, with hopes of obtaining both his degree and CPA by May 2018.  He was originally from Binghamton University, during half of his undergraduate career before transferring to Baruch for his BBA in Accounting.  He has working experience in the tax profession as a tax administrator during his times interning for small to midsize firms in NYC.  For extracurricular activities, he was a part of the Professional Committee for Baruch Ascend.  He enjoys utilizing his resources to give back and help others achieve the necessary skills and techniques that are wanted today.  Outside of his career, he engages in various sports such as basketball, soccer, and mixed martial arts.


Stephanie Acrich, AVP of Digital Marketing

Stephanie was graduated from Baruch college in Fall 2012 with a degree in Finance. She went on to work at Macy’s and Saks as a buyer and specialized in Marketing and Inventory Planning. She is now pursuing a Masters in Tax and envisions herself working in tax, audit and compliance. She plans to graduate the MST program in the Fall of 2019. Stephanie is very excited to be a part of such a prestigious society and is looking forward to working with the digital marketing team. 


Zhiling Zhang, VP of Membership

Zhiling is from Shanghai, China. She graduated from Shanghai University of Finance with an Associate degree. After that, she worked in Deloitte Shanghai in personal tax. She came to U.S. to pursue her study in 2014. She received Bachelor in Business Administration from Baruch College in August 2017. Now she is continuing her study in Master of Accountancy at Baruch College. The expected graduation date is in December 2018.

Yunyun Li.JPG

Yunyun (Emily) Li, AVP of Membership

Yunyun is currently a MSA student aiming to graduate in 2018. She joined ZTAX because she like this club a lot and she was impressed by the way the club members work here. She hopes to use her past experience as a marketing specialist to contribute to ZTAX and to Baruch Community. As a ZTAX member, she gains the opportunity to approach professionals and host events like" Hot topics in tax". These can always give her new insights about what is going in the business world. During her free time, She loves playing pool and tennis. She also loves spicy food. She is enjoying her journey here! 


Steve Park, Committee Member

Steve Park is from Korea. He transferred from Florida when he was sophomore. Then, he studied accounting at Baruch. He is in his 2nd year of MS Taxation. He joined ZTAX because most of his friends are/were members of this club so he was curious about this club. He likes sports like basketball, soccer, ping pong, pool, anything playing with balls. He really likes to listen to music but he usually doesn't remember the titles/singers. He also likes to get exposure to new culture and language exchange opportunities.

Mengjie Yang.jpg

Mengjie (Melody) Yang, Committee Member

Melody Yang is an undergraduate student at Baruch College. She is majoring in Accounting and minoring in Mathematics, and her expected graduation date is June 2019. She joined ZTAX because she would like to learn more about tax, broaden her network, and enrich her experience.

Jordan Mentry.jpg

Jordan Mentry, Committee Member

Jordan is currently enrolled in the graduate Masters in Taxation program at Baruch College.  He has almost 10 years of financial services experience and five years of trust and wealth management experience, including administration, investment management and compliance.  Jordan received is bachelor's degree from SUNY Geneseo in 2009. He holds the Certified Fund Specialist (CFS) designation, FINRA Series 7, and NYS Life, Accident & Health Insurance license. Prior to working in New York City Jordan worked int he Poughkeepsie area where he completed a year long leadership training program through the Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce. He hopes to use the skills he learned there and from his career to help promote ZTAX and its excellent events. Jordan is an avid football and lacrosse fan, and he and his wife live in Queens and love to travel.

Jing Shao.jpg

Jing Shao, Committee Member

Jing is in her second semester of Masters in Taxation Program. Besides, she is a Graduate Assistant and a Research Assistant. She got BBA in accounting at Baruch. Before pursuing her masters degree, Jing worked at a commercial bank. Jing passed all four CPA exams and look forward to gain enough experience to be a CPA. As ZTAX provides excellent opportunities to connect with tax professionals and peers who share same interest in tax, she would like to be part of ZTAX family, serve ZTAX and grow together with ZTAX.